Web Development Camp

Our Web Development Camp is perfect for students interested in learning how to build websites. It is surprising to even adults how easy it is to build a simple yet engaging websites today. In this camp students will learn how to build a website using WordPress and an array of free plug-ins including Elementor. Your son and/or daughter will know how to build a very cool web page by the end of their first day. As the week progresses we will show them strategies for building websites including a basic overview of how to add backgrounds, build menus, forms and SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Most important they will learn how to maximize the use of their time by building website content that will work in more or less the same manner whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device (they are not remotely alike). By the end of the week your child/children will have built their very own functional website that they can continue to build over the next year.

We’ve arranged tuition to include one year of hosting for your child’s website (the website name/url is their choice) and, more important, the use of the paid plug-ins taught towards the end of the week. Simply put your child will be able to use the tools learned in this camp for the following 12 months. The retail cost of these technologies are well over the cost of one week’s tuition. There are simply too many tools to demonstrate on this page. Right below you will see a demonstration of a three dimensional flip box (best experienced on a desktop machine).

This is a three dimensional flip box

One of the many simple yet cool WordPress tools available today.

We'll show your child or children how to style a 3D flip box

and how the basic styling tools are the same no matter the tool. They will even see how we "layer" content for that 3D feel. It's very cool.

At Kids Digital U we love 3D, here is a snapshot on our homepage using a tool that gives a three-dimensional look to a website. There are countless tools like this one to build websites today. This is one of the dozens your child will learn at our Web Development camp. Our camp enrollment form is another tool commonly used on today’s websites.


You child’s website will start with the look you see below and eventually learn how some of the more advanced functionalities of WordPress work (like the 3D script you can see now on the top of our homepage).

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