Kids Digital U will not offer classes during the fall of 2019 (while our  facilities are being renovated). We will offer after-school, evening and weekend programs/classes again beginning in January 2020.

We are closed until October 15, 2019. We will offer private lessons or tutoring when we re-open (between October 15, 2019 through the end of the year). For information about private lessons and/or tutoring for your child/children, send us an email at

Lastly, please note our sister Newton Animations’ will continue to offer its event services while our facilities are being renovated. Newton Animations offers truly state-of-the-art digital, interactive, three-dimensional and virtual/augmented reality technologies for events ranging from corporate holiday parties to weddings to bar/bat mitzvahs. There is no service in the Greater Boston area that offers the range of such entertainment. Learn more by visiting them/us at

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