3D Printing Summer Camps

We were, first and foremost, a school for 3D conception, design, modeling and printing. It is the core of everything we do. As the only accredited Cinema 4D program for kids in New England, we’ve built a 3D modeling summer curriculum second to none (ranked the #1 co-ed 3D summer tech program for kids in the state in 2018 & 2017). We maintain the largest 3D printing labs for kids in the state (and all of New England for that matter). We’ve invested in a fleet of MakerBot, daVinci and Robo 3D printers for our summer and traditional school year programs. Your child/children will share their own 3D printer with at most one other student (and that’s if we are full for the week). Students get at least one 3D print per day in our 3D printing summer camps.

Our curriculum has been refined over the years with professional 3D designers & modeling specialists with experiences at Disney, ESPN, EA Sports and a national design firm that specializes in medical device design. We will share the design process used by today’s professional 3D digital artists. Students will learn modeling techniques standard to all advanced 3D design & animation software. Specifically, kids learn to shape polygons or groups of polygons to create an object of choice. Once a basic outline of the project is created kids learn the most popular sculpting tools to refine their work & minimize file size (via fewest polygons in their work). We then invest considerable time training students on the use of material, lighting and rendering strategies. Usually the first project we create is a spaceship. The student project above (the Christmas tree ornaments) is an example of a 10th grader’s work from one of our half day camps in December 2018. Though in the summer we probably won’t be thinking about Christmas the idea is the same.

Here a student going into grade 8 in our 3D printing camp from last summer prints a  sword she designed completely by herself to replace a lost piece to a board game at home. She printed this replacement part using “glow-in-the-dark” 3D printer filament from our fleet of 3D printers. Otherwise a total beginner to 3D, she was able to do this on the third day of our 3D Printing Camp.


A shot of the largest 3D printing lab for kids (excluding certain colleges and universities) in all of New England. We guarantee all students at least one print per day (but kids usually get many more).


There is no program in Greater Boston that has invested in advanced digital, interactive, three-dimensional and virtual / augmented reality technologies for kids to our scale.

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